When Digital and Communication challenges change, Solutions must also change. We show you how you can use the new digital possibilities for yourself to go one step further every day. “blueShepherd” is available for you as a Guide and Companion. We are passionate about new digital topics and that is exactly what you will feel when you work with us.

Advice on digital topics and professional implementation of your requirements.

Our passion focuses on the following topics:

  • SEO and Voice Search Optimization
  • Digital Media or rather Digital Media-Tech Solutions
  • Programmatic Advertising Management
  • Upskilling, Training and Workshops on Digital Media incl. New Digital Topics
  • Technology and Digital Solutions
  • Voice, Voice Assistant or Speech and Voice Assistant Solutions
  • Data Driven Thinking Solutions

Voice, Voice Assistant or Speech and Voice Assistant Solutions:

  • Consultation on the topic of Voice Assistants
  • Conception & Development of Alexa Skills, Google Assistant Actions as well as Samsung Bixby Capsule
  • Optimization of Alexa Skills and Google Assistant Actions
  • Data Privacy & Alexa Skills
  • Promotion of Alexa Skills

Programmatic Advertising Management:

  • Programmatic Advertising Management Strategy and Consulting
  • Programmatic Advertising Pitch Consulting
  • Programmatic Set-Up

SEO & Voice Search Optimization:

  • Search Engine Optimization as well as Voice Search Optimization Consulting
  • Analysis and Strategy Development for SEO as well as Voice Search Optimization
  • Implementation as well as help with website relaunch
  • SEO Monitoring, SEO Cross-Check & SEO Support
  • International SEO strategy, Consulting, Analysis as well as Assistance

Upskilling, Training and Workshops on Digital Media incl. New Digital Topics:

  • Trainings, webinars, workshops, seminars, trainings for companies as well as senior management for digital media as well as new digital topics.
  • Also Webinar on Demand for various topics incl. Voice Assistant is possible.

Digital Media or Digital Media-Tech Solutions:

  • Digital Media Solutions incl. Campaign Planning, Campaign Optimization, Campaign Analysis, Media Buying as well as Campaign Reporting.
  • Implementation of Tagging, Tracking Set-Up, Adjournment, Automation of Data, Data Processing, Data Import as well as Data Export.

Technology and Digital Solutions:

  • Application Development
  • Cloud & IT Infrastructure Services
  • Databases
  • Websites and Webpages
  • DevOps
  • Mobile Apps and Platforms

blueShepherd……Your Agency in Hamburg for Voice Assistant Consulting, Programmatic Consulting, Digital Media Know-how Transfer and Media-Tech Solutions! If you are interested, please send us an e-mail or call us at +49 176 2711 4673.