Google Shopping and its history:

The product search via Google has existed for a long time. Froogle’s search service in Google Product Search has been renamed Google Shopping. The offer was originally free for sellers, but since February 2013 the Google Shopping service has been subject to a fee.
Google Shopping is still free for shoppers to use. Google Shopping is funded by Google Ads and payments by sellers for clicks on their products. Sellers/merchants can list their products manually or automatically using Product Listing Ads (PLA) tools. Unlike Amazon, Google Shopping is not an online shopping platform. Google Shopping only offers search and comparison functions, as well as links to the product pages of other web shops. This means that Google Shopping can act as a “traffic bringer” for merchants/sellers.

Your Google Shopping specialist

With blueShepherd on your side, we support national and international brands in using one of the best online advertising offers from Google: Google Shopping. Working with clients from a variety of industries on “Search Engine Based Topics” has helped us learn from their unique selling propositions and create bespoke Google Shopping solutions.
As experts in search, voice search and digital media tech activities, we align campaigns with data-based knowledge and empirical values. We can deliver the best bespoke strategies tailored to your business.
blueShepherd is an intelligent digital specialist that combines a New Digital Marketing approach with industry-leading knowledge to create the targeted and proven campaigns that drive brand sales. Some of the Google Shopping services we offer are:
• Google Merchant Center creation
• Creation of product data feeds and integration into the merchant center
• Linking Google Merchant Center and AdWords
• Feed quality optimization
• Performance-optimized modulation
• Continuous support and optimization
• Monthly evaluation & success control
• Competitor monitoring and analysis
• Remarketing campaigns for Google Shopping (standard and dynamic)

After the initial conversation, we work to thoroughly understand your product/service/offer and your competitor landscape to provide you with an action plan. This is a complete guide to your campaign strategy and execution.
We can inform you about the right investment and bidding strategy for your shopping campaigns and then give you expert advice.
We also make sure that once your campaigns are created and set up, they are fully optimized to give you the maximum return on investment. You will also receive a regular report.
Call us if you want to generate optimized Google Shopping campaigns to get the best value for money.

Why Using Google Shopping Services is a Must?

Google Shopping Services offer you more than just a way to sell your products, they can also increase your branding power in a variety of other ways.

More web traffic through Google Shopping: With the help of Google Shopping Services, we can create a shopping campaign for you that generates more traffic and higher click rates than normal text ads.

Google Shopping Brings Better Leads: Google Shopping ads attract searchers and shoppers with a high-quality image of the product, allowing shoppers to see what the product is before they click (unlike a text ad). The picture has already aroused the interest of the potential buyer, which means that the buyer is already much more qualified.

Extending with Google Shopping: Your brand’s online presence will automatically grow when we start running your Google Shopping ads because we control what keyword searches your ads are served by. Additionally, when your Google Shopping ads are combined with your Google Search ads, there’s a chance you’ll see twice as many customers with a keyword.

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