Training for SEO, Voice Assistants & Programmatic Advertising

In addition to our in-house seminars on Digital topics such as SEO, Voice Assistants and Programmatic Advertising, we also hold “open workshops” (i.e. training courses for people from different companies) at regular intervals, both as seminars for beginners and advanced learners. In Trainings and Workshops we provide our participants with practical as well as up-to-date knowledge, a deep understanding of contexts and insights from common practice, so that our participants can easily and quickly implement what they have learned independently in their daily business.

The Seminars and Workshops take place in Hamburg or by agreement also at your location.

Practical workshops and training in the fast-changing world. SEO, Voice Assistant and Martech topics.

Here’s what our workshop participants have to say:

“The workshops are individually tailored for us and the respective participants. Here, people from the industry (and not theorists) impart knowledge in an interactive and engaging way.

Thank you for the great cooperation!”


Birthe Sals,

“The SEO workshop led by Jan Frobenius directed my attention as an advanced practitioner in the subject to some points that we had not paid enough attention to before. The information was systematically prepared and well illustrated with examples, so that they remained in the head. The tips for practical implementation were also very useful. And despite all the dry material, we also had fun. All in all, an intensive and instructive workshop.” Translated with (free version)


Tamara Tschikowani,

“Very compact and practical SEO training. The current basic mechanisms of search engines were explained as well as instructions for Search Engine Optimization tailored to the users. A real asset for my work – highly recommended!”


Susanne Amrhein,

“The Training has benefited me enormously: A clear understanding of what SEO is in the first place, how it is applied and how I can use it for my business. Everything was explained clearly and understandably, so that even as a layman I found an access. I am very satisfied and can only recommend blueShepherd’s workshops to everyone.”


Susann Harms,

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