blueShepherd stands by as a Companion and Guide in Digital, IT, Technology & Media-Tech issues.

We want to help our customers find their way more effectively through the often opaque Digital and Technological Jungle. We can take on different roles depending on the customer and the task at hand. We are a good sparring Partner for our Clients, we are Digital Coaches and we can also operate from a leadership position.

We love Technology, Media-Tech approaches and Product Innovations that enable and simplify Brand Communication, Brand Engagement and Interactions.

We are happy to support NGOs, social institutions, non-profit associations as well as public institutions with know-how in the digital field.

The digital consultancy from Hamburg for a digital transformation without obstacles.


As a digital consultancy with “New Digital” DNA, we divide our work into five areas of competence in order to be able to tackle every challenge in the “New Digital” world in a targeted manner:

Data Driven Thinking and Media-Tech: We are your partner when it comes to granular tracking concepts, data-driven marketing strategies, individual dashboard solutions or media-tech concepts.

Programmatic Advertising: We help Advertisers, Agencies, Service Providers as well as Publishers for the topics around Programmatic Advertising Strategies.

Search & search engine advertising and organic optimization: We are happy to advise you with our many years of expertise in the entire search area from SEA to Google Shopping to Amazon PPC or SEO.

Digital Media & Know-how Transfer: We offer tailored workshops and trainings as well as personal coaching for management and teams on digital media topics. We also act as the perfect partner for brainstorming sessions and as a Sparring Partner for Digital Media topics.

Voice Search and Voice Assistants: We develop customized solutions as well as white label products for you around “Voice Assistants, SEO, Voice Search Optimization” themes. We are Voice Marketing and Voice Assistant Champions.

Lasting and substantial performance improvements in the digital marketing area.


Our mission is to help our customers achieve lasting and substantial performance improvements in the new digital world and build a great brand experience.

Solving the complex Media-Tech and IT-Technology problems in the new Digital World requires Passion, Proactivity and Precision. We believe, that the Champions feel drawn to work on the complex problems. We are building blueShepherd on this foundation of belief. These two parts of our mission reinforce each other and make us strong.

We redefine ourselves and always bear in mind what our values mean for our work and our lives.