Search engines are still an important pillar for Online Marketers. MSN, Yahoo, Lycos, Altavista, AOL…have also dominated Search era. Then came Google and “search” was completely redefined.

A lot has changed in the last 20-25 years. Google has become more dominant in many countries or rather googling has become synonymous with searching. With Smartphone dominance has come the opportunity of Mobile vs. Desktop Control as well as new challenges such as Mobile vs. Desktop Ranking for Website SEO.

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Google has expanded the Google Ads Portfolio towards Google Display Network, YouTube Ads and most recently towards Google Shopping. Currently, it is extremely important for many companies to be present in the Google search engine after all. The importance of Search Engine Optimization has also increased significantly.

Companies have barely familiarized themselves with various Google products and now the next challenge of Voice Search is just around the corner. The new challenge also brings with it a new market player, namely Amazon.

Amazon has evolved over the last 10 years as a “Buying Search Engine” and naturally this has made the Amazon SEO- Topic more relevant. Where there are Organic Optimization opportunities, there is also a “paid” Advertising opportunity. So it is also possible through Amazon Pay Per Click (PPC) measures to be present in the paid advertising world of Amazon.

Amazon Alexa, the Voice Assistant from Amazon, has also boosted the Voice Search trend. In other words, users search via smartphone not only with Google or Siri but also via Alexa app or with growing relevance of smart speakers also with smart speaker with Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Show.

We have been following the“World of Search” very closely for years and have constantly familiarized ourselves with the new world over time. We can offer our clients national and international complete Search Solutions from Search Consulting to Implementation.

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