With Amazon PPC (Pay-Per-Click), your brand can target the right people and increase your sales. blueShepherd specializes in Amazon marketing and has the expertise to run your Amazon advertising campaigns from start to finish. We know the strategies that will help increase your impressions and clicks on your products, resulting in more sales and growth for your business on the Amazon platform.

blueShepherd specializes in Amazon marketing. In-depth know-how on Amazon campaigns.

When working with blueShepherd, you can choose how much control you want to have over your campaigns. Take control of the process or let us do all the work. We have extensive knowledge and experience in PPC and in particular in Amazon PPC and we adapt your campaigns to your products. When using advertising on Amazon, it is important that you choose the right keywords that will attract the desired target market to your page. We conduct extensive keyword research using dedicated tools to collect the right keywords and help the targeted audience to find your products easily.

Our services for Amazon Ads/ Amazon PPC:

  • Potential analysis & strategic advertising planning of the range and bestseller listings
  • Listing-based keyword analysis of product groups and individual ASINs
  • Detailed advertising cost of sales calculation & budget planning
  • Creation of campaign structure & pilot campaigns
  • Setup & campaign management of selected Sponsored Ads formats
  • Continuous controlling & ACoS performance optimization
  • Automated reporting

blueShepherd……your agency in Hamburg for Google shopping ads, SEM, Amazon SEO and Amazon PPC! If you are interested, please send us an e-mail or call us at +49 176 2711 4673.