We know from experience that the better your offers are optimized, the more you sell. And the more you sell through organic visibility and paid advertising, the better your Ad Rank.
Our Amazon SEO service helps drive traffic to your product listings, thereby increasing sales and your profitability. The bigger the sales volume, the more they act as a catalyst to further improve the organic ranking of your product listings.
We conduct in-depth competitor and keyword research to optimize your Amazon product listings for maximum visibility based on customer journey and intent.

blueShepherd Amazon SEO service helps drive traffic to your product listings to increase sales

Our service for Amazon SEO optimization at a glance

  • Potential and competition analysis for ASINs and product categories
  • Strategic advice and SEO action planning for Amazon
  • Amazon keyword analysis of individual ASINs for head, short and long tail keywords
  • Product title and product description optimization for vendors
  • Amazon Sellers and Vendors SEO Strategies
  • Content creation and content optimization based on keywords and conversion optimization for more sales
  • Advice and content creation for A+ Brand/Premium Content are also available together
  • ASIN monitoring for BSRs (Best Seller Ranks), keyword indexing and sales

In addition to SEO for Amazon, we can help you with the following topics:

Amazon PPC
Place targeted and very efficient advertising. This also directly improves visibility and rankings

keyword research

Amazon AMS
Amazon Marketing Services with significantly more extensive advertising options and advertising placements (Headline Search Ads, Product Display)

Comprehensive marketing concept
Target external traffic to your Amazon offers and thus further improve the rankings

Analyze and optimize the individual steps with tools: Finding niches, sourcing, logistics, marketing, competition analysis

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