Amazon SEO optimizes your Amazon product listings to rank higher in Amazon searches for related keywords. When you optimize your product listing, you make it easier for your products to appear to potential buyers who are looking for something similar to your product.

In any case, search engine optimization can be measured using your own Amazon tool and, in more detail, using third-party providers.

Brand building is playing an increasingly important role for brands on Amazon. Since 2015, Amazon in Germany has been constantly presenting new marketing measures that are intended to support brand owners and make marketing on Amazon easier. More and more searches on Amazon start directly with a brand name.

In contrast to Google, Amazon probably makes the greatest specifications for product images. Images larger than 1500 pixels x 1500 pixels are automatically cropped to the maximum edge length of 1500 pixels.

An edge length of at least 1000 pixels is also necessary for the zoom function to be activated in the product detail at all. The file name and the ALT description of the images cannot be controlled, but Amazon makes precise specifications as to what must be visible on the product images and how the display must be carried out.

In contrast to the Google ranking, the Amazon algorithm (called A9) knows exactly what the user intention is: the user is interested in a specific product, is considering buying it, is doing comparative research, or wants to buy it directly. Amazon’s ranking is not just about users, it’s about potential customers.