With a proven 30% more conversions (source: than plain text ads, this form of online advertising is a dream come true for retailers. Ecommerce brands with dozens of products couldn’t ask for a better online advertising platform.
With Google Shopping, visitors can view the products and retailer information, compare prices, and then make the best purchase. No wonder it is also known as the Comparison Shopping Engine (CSE).

Google Shopping, also known as Google Product Listing Ads (Google Shopping PLA), is the darling of many online advertisers, especially for retailers who can quickly turn a profit from this form of advertising. This is all due to the high CTR and low cost per lead. Google Shopping offers advertisers a smaller range of offers than search ads with increased clicks and conversions. There’s no need to associate campaigns with keywords like standard search ads do.

Google Shopping requires a Google Merchant Center and a product feed. A Google Shopping campaign can be created directly from a Google Merchant Center or Google Ads. All a business needs is an easy-to-build Google Merchant Center to populate with a product feed that syncs data from the merchant website. All you need to do is link Google Merchant Center to a Google Ads account and you’re good to go.

The bid in Google Shopping is placed for product groups. Bids can be submitted according to the created product groups. We highly recommend doing product segmentation if you have products that may have better profits than others.

When creating a Google Shopping campaign (either through Merchant Center or through Google AdWords), a default All Products group is created. This can be further broken down into smaller product groups by brand, category and subcategory for more granularity. In order to be able to record the bids better, individual bids can be set for each product group. Bids can be set based on product priority or profit margin. Products with high profit potential can be bid higher, while the others are bid lower. In this way, the advertiser can ensure maximum sales through optimal bids. Talk about how you can get your money’s worth!